Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY Bridesmaid Cards

I had seen some really adorable ways of asking your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding.  There are so many cute ideas involving boxes filled with tank tops and ring pops to print your own cards.  I wanted to do something special, but that was budget friendly and age appropriate (I am 30 after all…).  I felt like the cigar box filled with goodies was bit young, I didn't think my bridesmaids would need a sequin tank top for anything and I knew that mailing those would be crazy expensive.  I settled on these cute cards.

I only have three bridesmaids so I think I used just two pieces of teal, two pieces of white, and one pieces of navy blue card stock. I cut teal card stock into 5x7 pieces and then cut white card stock just a little smaller.  I then cut the dresses out of navy blue textured card stock (it had small raised dots all over it).  I punched out the flowers for the mini bouquets using a starburst punch I had gotten from my friend who was selling creative memories.  I used a regular hole punch to punch through the two card stock pieces up at the top to tie the ribbon.  I used double sided tape from Creative Memories to assemble everything and then wrote on the dresses with a silver sharpie. I found a "love" stamp in the dollar bin at Michael's and used a leftover pad of ink that I had from my best friend's baby shower in September to stamp the envelopes (also extras from the baby shower).

I then waited until I saw two of them to deliver them in person.  My third bridesmaid lives in Colorado so I did end up mailing hers :)

Pretty cute, huh?

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