Friday, February 14, 2014

wedding websites

There are lots of great budget friendly options for wedding websites. The Knot, WeddingWire both offer free websites that are pretty customizable and include templates that make setting up your site quick and easy.  They are searchable for your guests to find you easily as well, and include links to your registries to simplify and streamline your information. You can also consider setting up a blog to record and document your wedding planning experiences and have a section there for your wedding details.

I put together a site on for our wedding website, which looks like this:  

Note: our location and last names have been blurred out, they are there in real life so it doesnt look as weird.

This website was a lot more time intensive as I customized every tab and the layout of every box and text component on the site. This also gave me a lot more flexibility though so I really think it looks awesome.  The basic site is still free, although it has in the web address.  You can pay a small fee to not have that, but of course when you are on a budget, does it really matter that much? No.

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