Thursday, January 30, 2014

Budget Score through Networking!!!

Through my own wedding photography business I have been following Katelyn James for a LONG time. She's incredible. Through her, I found out about Jasmine Star (also incredible), who hosted some free photography webinars which allowed me to become a part of the Richmond Shoot + Share group where I saw the work of Tyler Corvin, who is our wedding photographer!! I was so impressed with his leadership and outreach in the group, and of course his photography portfolio I met with him when we were deciding on photographers and we were able to reserve him for our wedding.  Anyway, Katelyn was hosting a photography workshop and featured Anthomanic as the floral designers.  I then started following Anthomanic on Facebook and I have been so impressed with their work and awed by their beautiful designs.  Just this past week they posted about some inventory they had for sale. I have known I'd like to do something for the centerpieces involving either boxes with flowers or lanterns with flowers around them but I was concerned about the cost.  Even ones from Ikea were like $15 (which isn't terrible, but still, this girl is on a budget!!!!). Anthomanic happened to post that they had 11 lanterns for sale!!!  I emailed immediately and we set up a purchase for the 11 black lanterns and LED candles for $76!!! Woohooo!!!  I can't wait to dream up the tablesscapes now!!! Im not 100% sure what   it will look like, but I'll post some inspiration below!!

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