Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Social Media is Awesome!

I know its so annoying to get spam mail and its even a bit annoying when you get on Facebook (or whatever else you use but Im a Facebook and Pinterest only kind of girl) and there are "sponsored ads".  Id love to just see what cool stuff only my best friends and family has been up to without seeing the 19 things my coworkers have randomly "liked".  BUT. It can be really awesome. Like when you log on and you see that Shutterfly has a free card offer!  Ive been waiting for this from them or Wedding Paper Divas for a while now and today was my lucky day!!!

Between this offer and my coupon from registering at Target (which also gets you lots of free coupons, free Thank You cards from Wedding Paper Divas and more) I got all my super nice Save The Dates for just $.34 each!!! I knew I wanted something pretty specific so if you wanted a less complicated design you can definitely do it even less expensively yourself, but I am so pumped about this! Woohoooo!!!!

PS, I've known people who do "12 Free cards" multiple times by having their family members order them as well and I might have tried that if I didn't have that coupon.  They do still charge shipping which is like $5.

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